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What Is Sworn Translation?

Sworn translation, often referred to as certified or official translation, is the crested bird of the translation ecosystem. It's a high-stakes process of converting one language into another, under the solemn gaze of legal adherence. These translations bear an official seal, validating them for use in official procedures, and are recognized by institutions, courts, and governmental bodies worldwide.

Who are the Sworn Translators?

Sworn translators are the knights of the translation realm, entrusted with the mighty sword of language proficiency and the shield of legal knowledge. They aren't just language experts but are also officially accredited by a government body or relevant authority. These translation virtuosos have to take an oath that they will uphold the highest standards of accuracy and authenticity, making them authorized to translate and certify documents.

How is Sworn Translation Different?

Think of translation as a spectrum. On one end, you have general translation—flawless language conversion but devoid of any official recognition. On the other end, you find sworn translation—this is where linguistic proficiency meets legal validity. Unlike general translations, sworn translations are sprinkled with an extra layer of trust, in the form of an official seal and signature. This empowers them to be accepted by government agencies, legal entities, and educational institutions, making them the golden key to unlock global opportunities.

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We understand the unique challenges that companies face when it comes to communicating with non-native consumers and patients, and the difficulties of running a business in a foreign country. That’s why we offer innovative translation solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific needs. Our team of native translators has the expertise and skills to deliver high-quality translations that are effective and powerful. At Anan Translations, we pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with clients and produce compelling results.


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